Сhild massage

Дитячий масаж

A paediatric massage is one of the most advanced medical services of the ilaya Family clinic in Comfort Town LC.
Massage helps to relax muscles and stimulates development of all child’s organs and systems.
The specialists of our clinic do massage gently and tenderly, in order not to damage sensitive baby’s skin and properly stimulate all active points on the infant’s body.

The paediatric massage is conditionally divided into preventive and therapeutic ones.

The preventive relaxing massage is very useful for infants during the first year of life. It helps to intensify blood circulation, and in combination with gymnastics becomes the first step to a healthy lifestyle, strengthens immunity and stimulates the baby’s development.
The therapeutic paediatric massage is recommended for children of any age, starting from a birth if any issues in physical development are observed in order to avoid surgical intervention. Among such are: dysplasia of hip joints, muscle hypertonia, wryneck and a number of congenital and acquired physical abnormalities. It is also recommended if a child is weak and has low immune response, for example, after a serious illness.
The specialists pf the Ilaya Family clinic have many years of experience working with the youngest clients! A massage session turns into a fun game for a child, and parents will see positive dynamic in the baby’s physical condition after just several sessions.
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