Spring is coming. How to support the child’s immune system?


Most children have already at least once reminded their bodies about URTI: indeed, it is difficult not to get sick occasionally when airborne infections are “flying” around. The vast majority of moms apply “drink-moisturize and ventilate” formula very well during a cold season, but a question still remains – what to do after an illness? How to strengthen the immunity system? Maybe a course of vitamins? Which are the best? Vaccinate or not? If yes, when – in 2 weeks? Let’s try to understand step by step.

In regards to low immunity. A fact that your child gets URTI does not reflect a low immunity problem. Moreover, the immune response system is extremely complex and multi-faceted, therefore, an empirical use of immunomodulators is more likely to harm rather than help. Therefore, a task of parents is to create comfortable conditions for a child: fresh air, day and sleep regimen, adequate nutrition. A huge amount of infections are transmitted by airborne droplets, so after returning home – clean the nasal mucus with saline solution and wash a child’s face (by the way, wash hands as well).

The next question is vitamins. Accessibility of any food reduces a risk of vitamin deficiency to a minimum. It is more about balanced diet. In order to feed a child with all necessary substances, make sure that your child eats 4-5 times a day and receives porridge, meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. The most useful for a child are those vegetables and fruits that grow locally. Therefore, it is very important to stock vitamins in your freezer and use them during winter and spring seasons.

It is very important to discuss vaccination. A child can be vaccinated straight after recovery. A list of contraindications for vaccination is quite limited and known to a pediatrician. Residual phenomena in forms of sneezing and coughing are not among them. Children with chronic diseases have to be vaccinated as a risk of severe course of a disease and its complications in such patients is higher than in healthy children. The same applies to the seasonal influenza vaccination.

The most effective method of prevention is strengthening your child, day and sleep regimen, balanced nutrition, physical activity, fresh air and timely vaccination. Following these recommendations is simple and easy. Adopt good habits and stay healthy!

Recommendations from Daryna Andriivna Panfilova, a pediatrician

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