Free webinar from ilaya Family

новини щеплення

Dear moms and dads!

Ilaya Family Medical Company has prepared for you a free workshop for parents on the topic “Immunization in a maternity hospital: do you have to wait? Obligatory and recommended vaccinations for children of all ages. ”

Webinar program:

  1. Vaccinations in the maternity hospital: what, why, and whether or not you can do it.
  2. What is “vaccine” and “vaccine immunity”? Which vaccines are best?
  3. Required vaccinations.
  4. Recommended vaccinations.
  5. Mantoux reaction: to do or not to do and for what.
  6. Recommended vaccinations for travelers.

The master class will be held on October 30, Wednesday, in the form of WEBINAR.

Beginning at 7.30pm

Lecturer:  Iryna Hapchuk

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