A contest “Draw Your Own New Year’s Fairy Tale”

A contest for kids at Comfort Town!

“Draw Your Own New Year’s Fairy Tale”

The contest lasts from November 19th till December 19th, 2018.

Bring your kids’ drawings to the Ilaya Family Clinic, Comfort Town. Please sign them with the contestant’s first and last name and age. By the time the winner has been chosen, all drawings will decorate the walls of our medical center.

On the 19th of December (St. Nicholas Day), the winners will be announced and prizes will be given out.

1st place prize: any annual medical monitoring program plus a gift from St. Nicholas for the little artist.

2nd and 3rd places prize: a gift from St. Nicholas for the artists.

Every contestant will receive a certificate for a 20% discount on medical consultations as well as ultrasound scanning for both children and adults.

Let’s create our New Year’s fairy tale for our kids together, so that they can share their New Year’s fantasies with us!

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