Round the clock assistance

Have you ever experienced a situation when you or your family member felt unwell in the evening or at night? Emergency situations may unexpectedly occur during a night: dizziness, severe pain, high fever, injury, poisoning and other urgent situations that require immediate medical support. In such cases a paramedic from ilaya Family Comfort Town would be ready to help you.

Round-the-clock assistance for children and adults in Kyiv

A paramedic is a primary care physician who has studied all systems of a human body and is able to make a necessary decision not only to improve a patient’s condition but also to save his/her life in situations with limited time.

What kind of help can a paramedic from ilaya Family on Kyiv’s Left Bank provide?

  • Provide first medical aid,
  • Conduct initial consultation,
  • Measure blood pressure,
  • Measure a body temperature,
  • Carry out an electrocardiography,
  • Make a preliminary diagnosis and if necessary give a referral to a specialist,
  • Collection of analyses in children and adults,
  • Make Rufie’s test,
  • Carry out necessary therapeutic manipulations and procedures (injections, bandages, drips, etc.),
  • Collection of materials for Helicobacter,
  • Conduct a densitometry,
  • Conduct a spirography,
  • Remove stitches,
  • Check visual acuity in children and adults,
  • Removal of ticks etc.

24-hour medical assistance in Comfort Town

Ilaya Family medical company provides round-the-clock medical support!
During a day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm a family doctor is available for adults and a pediatrician for children. At night from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am a paramedic provides necessary consultations by phone +380 (44) 42 24 103 as well as urgent help at ilaya Family, Comfort Town LC, building 8, 4, Regeneratornaya St., Paramedic’s assistance is unique as he/she is a specialist ready to provide medical support to everyone from a newborn to an elderly person.
Do not delay your decision! 24-hour medical support is near – in ilaya Family!


Round the clock assistance
Paramedic consultation during non-working hours of the clinic 260.00
Visit of paramedic at home (cost of procedures is not included)(on the territory of LC Comfort Town) 290.00

*-Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. Find out how much it costs for calling +380 (44) 42 24 103.

Do you have any questions? Immediately make an appointment with a specialist

Help when you are comfortable

Treatment won’t take much time. We work seven days a week, have no queues doctors provide recommendations by phone or via online application.

A personal doctor

Your family doctor, who knows you personally. A real professionals who do not recommend what is not required and warn you about potential risks.

Attention from the first days

We care about your health from the first days of our cooperation. We make a preventive check up straight after signing a contract. We make all tests and procedures according to your age and gender, which are recommended by the MOH.

A mobile application

We are always online for our patients to provide recommendations and necessary consultations.