Oleksandra Hanchak



Qualification category

Second qualification category


10 years

The doctor is experienced in performing the following professional tasks:
• diagnosis and treatment of background processes of the cervix;
• diagnosis and treatment of chronic or acute bleeding;
• radio waves treatment of pathologies of the cervix;
• use of cryosurgery;
• pregnancy;
• removal of benign tumors on the external genital organs.
He has received special training in the subject improvement courses “Reproductive Endocrinology” at the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (NMAPE). P. L. Shupika, Kyiv (2018).

Participated in many scientific and practical conferences: “Fundamentals of Pregnancy Preservation”, “Modern Methods of Contraception”, “Screening and Vaccine Prevention of Cervical Cancer”, “Medical Care for the Quality of Women’s Health in Different Periods of Life,” “The Problem of Endometriosis and Pathways her decision “et al., 2017 – International scientific and practical forum” Observation of pregnancy after extracorporal fertilization “,

2018 – Eastern European meetings of professionals – maternal and fetal medicine.

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