Women’s health is influenced by a variety of factors: genetic components, time ratio between rest and work, sport and general physical activities, chronic diseases and other circumstances that in one way or another may affect her body.
Each woman should consult with a gynecologist throughout her life – from an age of a school bench until a menopause. An annual visit to a gynecologist and constant prevention allow you to eliminate risks of developing serious diseases. During annual check ups and consultations, a gynecologist of ilaya Family clinic identifies risks and threats, and provides you with recommendations on required treatment at an early stage of a disease.

Diagnostic methods in gynecology of ilaya Family Comfort Town

  • ultrasound examination aimed to study the condition of internal female genital organs,
  • pregnancy diagnostics including an ultrasound and HCG hormone levels blood test,
  • PCR diagnostics to detect sexually transmitted diseases,
  • colposcopy, vagina examination with a colposcope,
  • hysteroscopy, a manipulation that includes diagnostics and removal of endometrial hyperplasia, polyps.

Peculiarities of a visit to a paediatric gynecologist

According to statistics, 15-25% of girls before the age of 18 years old have gynecological pathologies. Their diagnostics and timely treatment are the only way to ensure the child’s health and to exclude a possibility of infertility.
In the ilaya Family medical center highly qualified paediatric gynecologists conduct examinations of girls (with complaints of cycle changes, itching, lumbar, perineum, lower abdomen pain, changes in mammary glands). Paediatric gynecologists of the ilaya Family private medical center will find a cause of a disease in short time and propose an effective treatment for each young patient.

Benefits of gynecological assistance in the ilaya family

Leading gynecologists specialized in diagnostics and treatment of adults, children and adolescents work in the ilaya Family private clinic in Comfort Town LC on Kiyv’s Left Bank .
The main benefits of the ilaya Family clinic are:

  • convenient location of the medical center (especially for Comfort Town and Kyiv’s Left Bank residents),
  • a wide range of medical services in one place (consultations, laboratory tests, ultrasound diagnostics),
  • high health care service,
  • professional approach of each specialist to our patients.

Please call +380 (44) 42 24 103 to make an appointment with paediatric doctors of the ilaya Family.
ilaya Family – doctors that are nearby.


Obstetrician-gynecologist consultation (initial) 530.00
Obstetrician-gynecologist consultation (secondary without examination) 320.00
Paediatric gynecologist consultation 530.00
Seminar on pregnancy (1 session in a group) 530.00
Colposcopy 330.00
Puncture of the posterior vault 790.00
Aspiration of the endometrium (including histological examination), cost of local anesthesia is not included 1,660.00
Cervical biopsy (including histological examination) 2,280.00
Dopplerometry/cervicometry 210.00
Sonosalpingography (checking patency of the fallopian tubes under ultrasound control) without anesthesia 1,660.00
Histological examination (gynecology) 760.00
Cardiotocography (CTG) 280.00
Introduction of an intrauterine contraceptive device (cost of the contraceptive is not included) 820.00
Removal of an intrauterine contraceptive device 600.00
Gynecology procedures (1 procedure) 120.00
Local anesthesia in gynecology 250.00
Separation of synechies in girls 320.00

*-Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. Find out how much it costs for calling +380 (44) 42 24 103.


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