Сhild psychology


Children are, first of all, individuals, so they can perceive similar situations through their own prism of feelings and emotions. Every day the nervous system of young world explorers is affected by various pressures, as children find themselves in unknown situations and circumstances. The main mission of parents is to help children to master an adaptation process and their response to any situation.
If child’s behavior is often dramatically different to age mates, parents should visit a child psychologist to get a professional advice. Only such a specialist can explain reasons for a different behavior and recommend how to cope with an existing problem.

Which complaints should I address to a child psychologist?

  • Manifestations of child aggression, passivity, lack of desire to communicate with еру one’s associates.
  • Delay in the child’s development in comparison with age mates.
  • Childhood specific illnesses.

A child psychologist will assess the child’s behavior and will recommend to parents how to build a well-balanced relationship with their child. At the age of 5-6 years, a visit to a child psychologist is required if:

  • a child shows aggression towards age mates and relatives;
  • a child has sleep problems;
  • a child suffers from stuttering, enuresis.

Teens may also need help from a psychologist, especially if they experience:

  • social anxiety;
  • apathy and chronic fatigue, adolescent depression;
  • aggression.

The psychologist will help to build relationships between children and parents, and explain how to overcome difficulties in communication.
There are situations in which a child psychologist can help parents:

  • if it is necessary to prepare a child for certain changes in life (a first year in a kindergarten or a school, relocation);
  • when a new family member (a newborn, a stepfather, a stepmother) will appear in the family;
  • when a family faces an issue (divorce, death of a relative, cases of violence, etc.).

A child psychologist in ilaya Family Clinic on the Left bank

A child psychologist of ilaya Family is a qualified specialist, who has great understanding of child’s psychology and will become a good advisor for parents.
Do not ignore changes in your child’s behavior, do not leave your child alone.

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